Effective: June 1st, 2024

Refund Policy

At HonestFlow, we are committed to delivering serviceable leads to our partners. In some cases, leads may be received that are not serviceable and are eligible to return for credits. Please review the sections below to understand leads eligible for refund credits.

Return Overview

All leads are reviewed by HonestFlow's team before approval.

Successful lead returns are credited back to the corresponding order.

Supporting details may be required for a lead to be approved for a refund.

Lead returns are subject to a return cap, which is specific to each order placed.

Leads must be returned within 15 days of delivery to be eligible for refund credit.

Return Reasons

HonestFlow places several provisions to ensure leads provided to agents are serviceable and meet our quality standards. If leads are received and meet one or more of the reasons under "Eligible Reasons", they are eligible for refund credit. Any leads that do not meet the criteria of "Eligible Reasons" are ineligible to be returned. Please note, any leads received through promotional credits are not eligible for refunds.

Eligible Reasons

  • Invalid Phone

  • Invalid Email

  • Duplicate Lead (30 Days)

  • Ineligible Product

  • Ineligible Geography

  • Obviously Fake

  • Test Lead

  • Ineligible Match (Custom Filters)

Ineligible Reasons

  • No Interest

  • Found Other Insurance

  • Underwriting Decline

  • Different Source

  • Inaccurate Information

  • Unresponsive

  • Same Carrier

  • Any reason not listed in "Eligible Reasons"

Eligible Reasons (Detailed)

Invalid Phone: An "invalid phone" is a number that is disconnected, leads to a fax line, or is not in a valid format. Examples include numbers that result in a "no longer in service" message, or connect to fax tones.
Invalid Email: An "invalid email" is an address that bounces back as non-existent or returns an error indicating it is unserviceable. Examples include emails that return a "recipient address does not exist" error or indicate the address cannot be reached.

Duplicate Lead (30 Days): Refundable if the same lead for the same product is received within 30 days. Same leads requesting different products are not refundable.

Ineligible Product: Refundable if the product type doesn't match the criteria (e.g., receiving a renters insurance lead instead of home insurance lead).

Ineligible Geography: If a lead is received and does not match geographical filters. For example, agent is eligible to receive home insurance leads in Florida and receives home insurance lead in California.

Obviously Fake: If lead received is clearly fake ("Mickey Mouse", "asdf asdf", etc.)

Test Lead: It's against our Terms to submit test leads through our quoting funnel, however in the case a lead is confirmed to be a test lead, the lead is eligible for refund. Supporting details are required to approve test lead refunds.

Ineligible Criteria (Custom Filters): In some cases, agents may select additional lead filters. If a lead does not match the criteria of these custom filters, it is eligible for return. Lead criteria are based on the information available at the time of delivery.

Ineligible Reasons (Detailed)

All reasons not included in “Eligible Reasons”, including and not limited to:

No Interest: Lead is not committed to purchasing insurance.

Found Other Insurance: Lead has already purchased insurance elsewhere.

Underwriting Decline: Leads that fail underwriting requirements are not eligible for refunds.

Different Source: If same lead is acquired outside of HonestFlow.

Inaccurate Information: If lead entered inaccurate information on HonestFlow (excluding reasons listed in "Eligible Reasons" section).

Unresponsive: Lead does not engage with email or phone communications (eligible if phone and/or email are invalid).

Agent Error: Leads are not returnable if the agent was unable to respond to a customer request.

Same Carrier: Agents can adjust lead filtering criteria. Leads currently with same insurance carrier are ineligible for refunds.

Lead Returns FAQ

How long do returns take to process?

On average it takes a maximum of 3 days to review a return request. In most cases, a decision is made before then. If you have questions regarding the status of a return request, please email [email protected].

How are successful refunds credited?

Successful lead returns are credited back to corresponding delivery account. In other words, you can receive a new lead that matches the same criteria as the returned lead. Return credits cannot be awarded in cash, or applied to different lead delivery accounts.

What if a return reason is not listed?

Only leads that match "Eligible Reasons" are eligible for refunds. If you have a question about a particular lead, please email [email protected]. Subject: Return - [Lead ID]

Who do I contact for lead return information?

Please contact your dedicated account manager or email [email protected].

Is there a limit to the number of leads eligible to return?

Eligible returns have a return cap. For specific return cap information, contact your account manager or email [email protected]. All returns are reviewed internally by HonestFlow's team.

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