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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower insurance shoppers to find their best policy options. At HonestFlow, we believe that selecting the best insurance policy goes beyond finding the lowest premium; it’s about getting the right coverage for the best rate, and understanding what your policy actually covers. We believe connecting shoppers with dedicated agents is the best way to identify optimal coverage options. That's why HonestFlow exclusively connects shoppers with our verified agent network.

HonestFlow values the importance of working with insurance agents; that's why our shoppers are exclusively connected with our verified agents. All HonestFlow leads are organically sourced—we never purchase or recycle leads. Our unique quoting flow allows shoppers to select how many agents to receive quotes from and provides tools to help navigate conversations with their agent(s). This enables HonestFlow to connect high-intent shoppers with our verified agents.

100% Organic

HonestFlow shoppers are organically sourced, we never purchase leads from other sources.

Custom Filtering

Agents can select from a variety of filters to receive leads that match their criteria.

Limited Distribution

HonestFlow shoppers choose how many agents to work with. Shoppers choose, we don't.

Real-Time Delivery

Our leads are delivered in real-time, with multiple delivery options. Also, leads are never recycled.

Agent Resources

Agents have access to our lead management portal, along with resources to support conversion.

TCPA Compliant

HonestFlow leads are TCPA compliant, compliance certificates are generated in real-time for each lead.

How To Partner

Complete the Agent Request Form to meet with the HonestFlow team.

2. Meet with HonestFlow

Meet with HonestFlow to identify your goals, answer questions, and see if we're a good fit.

3. Connect with Shoppers

Customize your lead preferences and start connecting with our shoppers!

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Supporting shoppers to find their best policy options

HonestFlow FAQ's

(For Agents)

Who is HonestFlow?

HonestFlow was founded by insurance veterans on a mission to empower insurance shoppers to find their best policy options. We believe that connecting shoppers with dedicated agents is the most effective way to identify optimal coverage options. Therefore, HonestFlow exclusively connects shoppers with our network of verified agents.

Does HonestFlow sell insurance policies?

HonestFlow is not an insurance company, agency, or agent—we do not write insurance policies. HonestFlow connects insurance shoppers with verified agents who can provide insurance services for them.

Where do HonestFlow leads come from?

HonestFlow leads are 100% organic. We leverage a variety of channels to showcase the benefits of insurance shopping and collaborating with verified agents. At HonestFlow, we maintain the highest standards by never purchasing or acquiring leads from external sources, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy shopping experience.

How are HonestFlow leads delivered?

HonestFlow leads are delivered in real-time after passing our verification process. Verified agents have access to HonestFlow's lead management portal. Additionally, custom delivery options are available, including Email, SMS, and CRM integrations.

How much do HonestFlow leads cost?

Lead pricing varies based on several factors, including product type, quotes requested, location, and custom lead filters. HonestFlow offers extensive customization options, enabling verified agents to target leads that are best suited for them. For more details about lead pricing, meet with HonestFlow or contact your account manager.

Can leads be refunded?

Yes, HonestFlow offers a refund policy, which can be accessed here. Eligible returns are credited to the corresponding delivery account. For more information about our refund policy, please meet with HonestFlow or email [email protected].

What are the conversion metrics for HonestFlow leads?

As many agents know, lead conversion is closely linked to the agent's experience. To support strong conversion metrics, HonestFlow leads are organically sourced, pass our verification process, and are distributed only to the number of agents the shopper selects. Additionally, verified agents can choose from a variety of lead filters to receive leads that best match their needs.

Empowering insurance shoppers.

HonestFlow connects insurance shoppers with multiple insurance companies and insurance agents across the United States. HonestFlow is not an insurance company, agency, agent, or broker, and does not provide insurance or brokerage services, or related advice or consulting services.  All site content, and information and/or materials provided and/or made available in connection with the services, is provided for informational purposes and personal uses only.  HonestFlow recommends consulting with a licensed insurance agent before purchasing or adjusting any insurance policy. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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